About Us


The STY brand is of the people, for the people, by the people. We're all about the experience - from placing your order, to unpacking it in all its glory, and wearing it like you were meant for it. Are you all about an active lifestyle? Buy STY. Do you prefer casual comfort? Buy STY. Are you ever-so-chic? Buy- you get the idea.


Stylish, trendy, and youthful. No, that's not what STY stands for, but those are surely adjectives we keep in mind when we design our products. We combine minimalism with luxury, add a sprinkle of comfort, and ensure that the end result is an authentic design that suits all.


To make this all possible, our immensely talented team works around the clock to make sure what you get is what you deserve and more. The artists that visualize the product, the magicians that bring those drawings to life, and the geniuses that bring it to you all do it with a burning passion.


We listen. Our work doesn't stop at delivery. All your feedback is stored, processed, and implemented across the board in current and future products. So never shy away from a suggestion. Our team at support@stymeup.com is always excited to speak to you!